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New York Insurance

For many New Yorkers, trying to buy insurance within the state can seem prohibitively expensive, with full and comprehensive coverage way beyond the means of the average person. You can however find good deals everywhere, be this on automobile insurance or home insurance, as long as you are prepared to properly research the subject. You should educate yourself about the various common insurance terms such as limitations, exclusions and deductibles and how they will affect your rates and general policy. Don't be afraid to ask for discounts to get the best premiums you can. Bear in mind that New York's insurance laws dictate minimum coverage limits for many kinds of insurance. This isn't the case in many other states. You are bound to benefit from the highly competitive nature of the industry which has resulted in lower prices for consumers.
There are a number of online resources that can help you make your decision about New York insurance:
  • New York Department of Insurance
    Detailed information for consumers to help combat insurance fraud.
  • New York Health Insurance Information
    A New York-oriented comprehensive list of health plans for all ages and incomes.
  • New York Department of Motor Vehicles
    Services, publications and online forms intended for New York motorists and vehicle owners.
  • New York Auto Insurance Laws
    A guide for New York consumers about automobile insurance.
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New York Health Insurance (NY)

Given today's climate of economic and financial uncertainty, people know that finding affordable, quality New York health insurance is an important step towards securing peace of mind concerning the health and well-being of themselves and their loved ones. With the price of medical care and treatments continuing to climb at extraordinary rates, it is reassuring to know that people have a reliable source to call upon when they need New York health insurance quotes. And that source is In its most basic form, health insurance is simply an insurance plan which covers medical expenses, whether customary or emergency. It can also be expanded to cover long-term care or disability, depending on one's needs.
The following article will provide information regarding the regulations of New York health insurance, both for individuals and small groups. It will also give fundamental information concerning COBRA, The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986. This plan basically provides workers and their families who lose their health insurance coverage (usually through the loss of employment) the right to continue group health insurance benefits, most often at their own expense.

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You will also find interesting statistical information which can help you compare the health of New York residents with the health of people from other regions of the country.

This article will provide you with all the information you need about New York health insurance and will enable you to choose the plan which is most suitable for your needs and circumstances. Once you have determined your choices, we at are ready to assist you with health insurance quotes that will provide you with the coverage and satisfaction you both need and deserve.

New York Individual and Family Health Insurance

In New York, individual or family health insurance policies are not guaranteed. Most New York health insurance policies are medically underwritten, which allows insurance companies to deny coverage to anyone based on their current or past medical history, including pre-existing conditions. When applying for health insurance, you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire, covering everything from current and past medical status and family medical history (parents, siblings, etc) to life-style questions, such as smoking habits, alcohol consumption, etc. New York health insurance premiums will vary according to age, gender and the type of health insurance plan that has been applied for. If you do have a pre-existing medical condition, there are three different options which may be offered to you. One is that you may be denied any and all health insurance coverage, which is within the New York health insurance company's rights. The second option is that you may be offered coverage, but with a rider attached. This rider simply states that the insurance company is not liable and will not cover any claims deemed to be related to the pre-existing condition. The third option is that you may qualify for full coverage, but you can expect that your premiums will be higher than those of a healthy individual.

New York Group Health Insurance

New York health insurance law does not require employers to offer health insurance to all of its employees. For instance, those who work part-time or who live outside of the area the insurance covers may not necessarily be covered. But, if you are eligible for coverage, then under New York health insurance law, you are guaranteed health insurance no matter what your current health situation. New Yorkn employers decide how long of a waiting period is required before an employee is eligible for coverage under the group plan. Some group plans do exclude treatment for pre-existing medical conditions that you have received medical care for in the six months before joining the group plan. Depending on your situation, your medical coverage from a previous employer may provide coverage for you for existing medical conditions.

New York COBRA Insurance

New York health insurance regulations require that COBRA applies to employers with 20 or more employees. An employee who is eligible to have COBRA coverage can keep the coverage for up to 18 months, or until they acquire another type of New York health insurance. Depending on the situation, some eligible dependents can stay covered for 36 months, and the disabled for up to 29 months. New York health insurance under COBRA is the same coverage you had with your group plan. If the group plan you belonged to ends, the COBRA plan will end also. For those whose COBRA coverage has run out or ended, New York health insurance can be obtained through the New York Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ACHIA).

New York Health Information and Statistics

New York Health Information and Statistics
If you are in the market for quality New York health insurance, the following facts may be of interest to you. You will find helpful statistical information outlining how New York ranks in many categories related to overall health, both medical and lifestyle, plus other pertinent material.

Some of the positives of residing in New York are a low geographic disparity within the state, high immunization coverage, and ready access to primary care. New York also faces many challenges, such as a low high school graduation rate, a high percentage of children in poverty and a high incidence of infectious disease.

According to a 2008 study, New York had some significant changes over the past year. These include a positive increase in the high school graduation rates (+7%) but also an increase in the prevalence of obesity, up 11%. Since 1990, the infant mortality rate has decreased by 47% and the violent crime rate declined by 59%.

Following is a variety of statistical data related to living in New York, as compared with the rest of the country. These state rankings may be helpful when you consider purchasing New York health insurance.
  • Prevalence of Smoking-16th
  • Prevalence of Obesity-20th
  • Violent Crime-27th
  • Children in Poverty-40th
  • Air Pollution-27th
  • Cancer Deaths-9th
  • Lack of Health Insurance-22nd
  • Prevalence of Binge Drinking-25th
  • Infant Mortality-10th
  • Infectious Disease-50th
  • Premature Death-10th